Festival Youth Programs

SOMF Supports Music Education

Providence Medford Medical Center

SOMF Supports Music Education is an umbrella title for the Southern Oregon Music Festival's youth programs outlined below.  Organizationally, Instrument Donation is a youth program element, but it is so important that it will appear to be stand alone; e.g., our website will continue to show the instrument donation button.


1. Elementary and Middle School Outreach w/ Festival Bands. Each year in the four days before the festival, two bands travel to about 30 area schools. This affords up to 15,000 students 40 minutes of fun, participation and a bit of music education.

    a. Elementary - all school performance & educational assemblies.
    b. Middle school music students – performance & educational assemblies.

2. Youth Band Performances.  All area middle and high schools with jazz bands are invited to perform at the festival on Saturday Morning. This session is free to the public and includes the Oregon Coast Lab Band and a nominally priced Boy Scout pancake breakfast.


3. Instrument Donation – We Still Want What’s In Your Closet
For more information on our instrument donation program, click here.

    a. Acquisition of Instruments
            1. Donated Instruments are our primary source.
            2. Rented or Leased Instruments. An instrument may be rented or leased when a particular need
                is unmet through donations.
     b. Repair – Most donated instruments need some level of repair or perhaps re-stringing.

     c. Distribution
            1. As requested by Rogue Valley schools music teachers. SOMF relies on the area music
                teachers to identify and qualify worthy students.
            2. Student Contracts. Students must sign a contract requiring attendance and performance
                competency to assume permanent ownership. If they do not meet the requirements, the
                instrument returns to SOMF inventory.

4. Instruction & Scholarships. Periodically, it makes sense to provide additional instruction to complement a music teacher’s program. These are specific and directed as part of this program and are enhancements in addition to current school efforts.

    a. Group or classroom instruction.
    b. Individual scholarships for instruction.

5. Funding the program. Whether it’s repair, renting a trailer to move a piano or just a bit of gasoline for travel. Anything done after the gift of an instrument requires operating money.

    a. Donations. Cash donations directed to this program are welcomed and solicited for those
        wishing to provide support in lieu of an instrument or in addition to an instrument. Without money
        for repairs, the instruments donated may languish in storage instead of helping a worthy student.

    b. Grants. SOMF actively applies to organizations offering grants consistent with the goals
        of this program.

    c. Donation Tax Deduction.  Donations (instruments or cash) made to the Southern Oregon Music
        Festival, a 501c.3 non-profit, usually qualify as a deduction on your tax returns.

To Donate Instruments- Call or email Joe Diamond at (541) 499-1968 / instruments@somusicfest.org

To Donate Operating Funds or for information - Call or email Dennis Ramsden at
  (866) 448-1948 / donations@somusicfest.org